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SpeQtral, a spinout from the Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT), is leveraging over a decade of R&D heritage in the niche field of space-based quantum communications. SpeQtral's founding members were part of the team that was the first in the world to launch a miniaturized entangled photon source on the SpooQy-1 mission that demonstrated quantum entanglement in space in 2019.

SpeQtral is now advancing this technology to launch satellites that will enable end-to-end space-based QKD for commercial use cases.


SpooQy-1 is the culmination of decades of quantum technology development at CQT. It is the first cube-sat in the world to demonstrate a successful operation of a polarization entangled source and detectors in space

Q1 2025:

SpeQtral in collaboration with RAL Space will launch the second gen entangled photon source that incorporates the lessons learnt on SpooQy-1. This mission will demonstrate QKD using BBM92 protocol from space.

Q3 2025:

SpeQtral-1 is a commercial tech-demonstrator mission with the aim to validate global QKD distribution from space. The satellite will test and validate QKD using BB84 as well as BBM92 protocols.