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inoQulate - Quantum-safe PDF protection

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Currently, your digital documents and its contents are validated by cryptographic algorithms. If you have long-dated electronic agreements and contracts, you will want to be sure that you can confidently enforce these agreements and contracts to protect your interests over their tenure.

However, that may all change when quantum computing technology and systems arrive. Post-quantum, malicious actors can break the existing cryptography and make unauthorized changes to your digital documents and agreements. They can also spoof the identities of the counterparties to your agreements and create ‘fake’ agreements to disprove your current contracts.

pQCee's "Signature Pre-Image Proof" (SPP) technology adds a zero-knowledge proof layer to strengthen the digital signature keys of the parties in your documents. As SPP cryptography is quantum-resistant, malicious actors will not be able to spoof the identities of the parties to the documents even with quantum computers.

Your documents become immunized against quantum attacks, and you can continue to demonstrate the authenticity and validity of such documents and the data in the future.