Quantum made easy, accessible, interactive and free-to-use.


This approach would allow users to experiment with quantum algorithms and learn about quantum computing without needing specialized hardware, making quantum computing more accessible to a broader audience.

What is it? 

QuICScript is a set of Javascript libraries that emulates a 20+ qubit quantum computer in an interactive, real-time manner. It runs entirely in a browser on desktop or mobile device. There are 11 gates operations supported: H, CN, X, Y, Z, P, T, p, t, I, and m. 

How does it work? 

  • Go to https://pqcee.github.io/QuICScript/
  • Choose from an available list of circuits or select custom from the dropdown 
  • Enter the number of qubits
  • Enter your circuit
  • Click Run QuICScript button 

Why should you use it? 

The platform is designed for straightforward use without the need for backend servers, cloud resources, or account registrations, making it instantly operational upon setup. Its accessibility is a key feature, as it incurs no usage costs. This affordability ensures that the platform is accessible to students, developers facing financial limitations, and those beginning their journey in quantum development.


Jonathan Liu